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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Thoughts: Worst products of CES 2010

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow where many latest technology innovation are revealed and exhibited, and this year's show is happening right now at Las Vegas.

I ran across an article in the Huffington Post listing some of the worst products of CES2010. I must confess that I am utterly amazed by the creativity and innovativity involved for some of the products selected. I'll show three of them here (also with embedded videos), and hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I did! So here you go!

1. As Seen On TV Hat

Ever found yourself utterly bored from what you are doing and would rather watch your favorite movie instead? Now for only $19.95, there's a solution for you: A baseball hat that let's watch movies anywhere, anytime (as long as you are wearing the hat)! Now you can jog outside (a desert is recommended) while watching a movie; or you can hike that boring hiking trail and enjoying a thriller (stay away from the cliff, not that kind of a thriller); how about enjoying a comedy show while waiting for a deer to show up near your hiding spot in the hunting trip? The possibilities are limitless -- that is, if you don't mind looking a little bit, well, how to say it -- out of place!

(Photo Credit: Endadget)

2. Phubby Wrist Cubby

Ever felt sad, depressed, distressed, because you couldn't feel the vibration of your phone and miss important phone calls? Were you ever mad at yourself because you couldn't find your cell phone or ipod? Ever felt disgruntled because you missed your better half's call while playing soccer or football? No worries! For only $12.95, your problem is solved! You can now carry your phone (or your keys, or your wallet, or your change money) anywhere doing whatever!

(Disclaimer: you are solely responsible for whatever you carry in your Phubby if you decide to shower/bath or swim)

What's even better: you can put rocks there to strengthen your arm muscles. You can even carry your pet bird or turtle with you anywhere you go, and you can even feel their heartbeat (they won't suffocate because they can breath through the holes)! Well, on second thought, I don't know if you'll be able to feel the heartbeat of your pet turtle. To make it even better, you can pick your favorite color or pictures for a Phubby Hip Cubby to carry your concealed weapon! What are you waiting for! Go to and get yours!

(Photo Credit: The Huffington Post)

3. Android-powered Microwave

Ever craved for a machine that will let you browse the Internet for a picture of your favorite food, and then with a simple push of a button, cook it for you? Well, at least you can do the browsing part with this wonderful Microwave that runs Google's cell phone operating system: Android. Maybe this will help keep your better half stick around the kitchen area more often because she could browse all the wonderful recipes online? But wait? I am the one microwaving TV-dinner all the time. Where's Android-powered stove? Anyone saw that at CES2010?

(Photo Credit: UberGizmo)

If you want to read more about these uniquely interesting products exhibited at CES2010, see a slide show of them here. Or you can watch this video below, named "7 Weirdest, Wackiest Products From CES 2010", which covers some of them.

Video of the Day:

Since we are on the subject of CES2010. Here's a product people actually thought were very good: An undestructable hard drive that will withstand fire, water, drop, and a 35000 lb tractor. Here I present you: ioSafe!

Disclaimer: Criminals, don't use this hard drive!