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Monday, April 13, 2009

Seven Weapons - Longevity Sword: Chapter 1 (4)

This one is a bit short. It's Gu Long's fault, not mine. :)


The stone cell was ghastly and chilly, but Gongsun Jing started to sweat. Drops of soybean-sized cold sweats streamed down his pale face one after another.
Young Master Zhu looked at him, his gaze as tender as when he looked at his own hands.
“You must know it!” he said in a gentle voice.
“Know…know what?”
“Know who is thanking you.”
Clenching his fists, Gongsun Jing suddenly turned around and dashed out.
“Well, he really is a nice guy. What a pity that nice guys are always said to not live very long…,” Young Master Zhu murmured with another sigh.
“Suppose it is true that there are only seven people who are capable of getting through these thirteen traps. Who would they be?”
“One is for sure. No matter how you count them, he’d count as one of the seven.”
“Who is he then?”
“Bai Yujing[1]!”

[1] “Bai Yujing” means palace of white jade, the same words used in the first line of the poem at the beginning of the chapter.
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