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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Full Moon Crescent Saber: Chapter 1 (3)

The creek was as clear as crystal.
Ding Peng walked along the creek, walking very quickly.
Of course he needed to hurry back. He still had many things to do. The morning sun had been rising high gradually. He suddenly felt very hungry, deadly hungry.
Today could very well be the most important day in his entire life. The moment that would decide his fate was right around the corner. But what was he doing? He was looking for an old man in bright red robe for a naked girl on an empty stomach like a fool.
If anyone else had told him of such a fool, he would never have believed.
The only thing real was that the girl was amazingly beautiful. Furthermore, she also possessed a very special temperament that made it impossible and unbearable for someone to reject her requests.
If there actually exists men capable of saying “no” to the face of this girl, such men must be very rare.
Fortunately, the creek was not very long.
There was indeed an old tree at the end of the creek, and indeed two men playing the game of Go there. One of them was indeed an old man in a bright red robe. Ding Peng heaved a secret sigh and then walked toward them in large strides. Reaching his hand forward, he tried to mess up the present game.
He was indeed an obedient man. But as he reached forward with his hand, his foot suddenly tripped. There was a hole on the ground, and he had stepped into the hole.
Fortunately the hole was not very big and he didn’t fall. Unfortunately, just when he drew his foot out of the hole, his other foot also tripped. Turned out there was a rope circle on the ground, and he happened to step into it. The rope circle immediately tightened.
Since his other foot was still in the air, as soon as the rope circle tightened, he lost his balance.
Even more unfortunately, the rope circle was tied to a tree branch. The tree branch had been bent to the ground. When the rope circle moved, the tree branch immediately shot upward and also swung him upward.
Most unfortunately, as he was swung upward, he happened to bump into another tree branch, and the branch happened to poke him right on an acupoint around his waist, which could easily immobilize a person even when poked lightly. Therefore, Ding Peng
found himself hanging upside down like a stupid fish hanging from a fishing pole.
The hold on the ground, the rope circle, and the tree branch – did someone deliberately set up the trap?
When the girl told him to come here, did she intend for him to fall prey of this trap? The two of them obviously didn’t hold any grudges against each other. Why would she do such a terrible thing to him?
The two men under the tree concentrated on their ongoing Go game without ever sparing a glance at him, as though they had no idea that someone came and was now hanging from the tree upside down.
The two must be true Go enthusiasts.
All Go enthusiasts hate interruptions when they are playing.
Maybe they only laid the trap to prevent others from disturbing them. They didn’t do it specifically for him.
Of course the girl would have no idea about such a trap.
At that thought, Ding Peng felt slightly better inside.
“Excuse me, misters! Will you let me down please?” he asked calmly.
But the two Go players didn’t hear him at all. Ding Peng repeated three times, but they ignored him completely as though they didn’t hear a word he said. Ding Peng began to lose his calm.
“Hey…,” he shouted.
He only had the chance to call out that one word. The word required him to open his mouth, but instantly, something flew over and blocked his mouth, something stinking, soft, sticky, and reeking. Ding Peng couldn’t tell if it was mud or something much worse than mud. The thing came from a tree branch on the opposite side. A little monkey wearing a red dress and riding on the branch was actually laughing at him with its mouth stretched wide. Things thrown by a monkey cannot be anything good! He’d be very lucky if it were only mud. Ding Peng nearly fainted from anger. After years of hardship and struggle, when he could almost feel the edge of success, then this happened.
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