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Monday, March 30, 2009

Robot of the Day: WheeMe, Your Personal Massage Robot

Ever wanted to have a back massage but couldn't find anyone to do it for you (for free, to be more precise)? Now there's an answer to your prayers: WheeMe, your personal massage robot developed by DreamBots. For only $49 apiece, WheeMe can massage not only your back, but also your tummy, your chest, or even your behind.

The palm-sized robot operates on three AA batteries and can move at 4.5 cm per second. It has four wheels, or "Fingerettes", which can tickle you wherever it goes. With intelligent sensing capabilities, basically accelerometers, it knows not to fall off your body, and then with random moving patterns, such as rolling back and forth or spinning in circles, it tricks you into thinking it's actually giving you a quality massage. And don't roll if you ever falls asleep, because you might severely crush damage your personal massage assistant and also scratch your back.

Okay, enough sarcasm, this is definitely an innovative way of using robots to solve everyday problems. And the price tag of $49 is really not very expensive for a robot. And to be honest, other than my robot, who's going to give me a massage for free? I haven't had the chance to try it because it's not available on the market yet, but you can pre-order from DreamBots web site and get one some time around the first quarter of 2012. It certainly makes a very unique Valentine's Day present!!

Since my creative juice is flowing right now, let me throw out some ideas. Wouldn't it be nice if the robot is also capable of:
  • Playing some soothing music while giving you a message to put you to sleep.
  • Acting as an alarm clock to wake you up when needed.
  • Having a video camera so you can see through the eyes of your personal robot (maybe using a goggle display of some sort) and look at your own back?
  • Having basic navigation skills, so you can put a leash on it and walk your robot "pet".
  • Having Internet access, so it can read latest news to you.
  • Transforming into a mobile phone so you can talk to your friends while getting massaged.
  • Can post updates to your Facebook, twitter, Google+ accounts via voice commands.
 Well, one thing for sure, if it's capable of all those things, you won't get it for $49. Anyway, glad to see creative ideas with simple mechanism being put into real cool products. I am off to massaging my own tummy now.

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