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Thursday, April 09, 2009

AI Robot Related Conferences and Journals For My Research (Part 3)

AI Robot Related Conferences and Journals For My Research Part 2

Top Conferences

IROS -- IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

IROS is a multi-track conference held annually. It is a premiere international conference in robotics and intelligent systems, bringing together an international community of researchers, educators and practitioners in the field to discuss the latest advancements in robotics and intelligent systems.

Every year, thousands of people all over the world attend the IROS conference and a large number of papers get published in the conference. For example, the IROS 2011 conference received 2541 papers and proposals and accepted 790 papers, with a 32% acceptance rate. However, the acceptance rate for IROS is normally much higher at around 55%. Every year the IROS has a different theme. The theme for IROS 2011 is Human-Centered Robotics, and the theme for IROS 2012 is Robotics for Quality of Life and Sustainable Development. However, people generally ignore the theme and submit whatever they have. I have been fortunate enough to attend the IROS conference in 2009 and published a paper on UAV path planning there.

The next IROS conference IROS 2011 will be held at San Francisco, California, USA.
Conference Dates: September 25-30, 2011
Submission Deadline: March 28, 2011

The next IROS conference you can submit a paper to is IROS 2012. It will be held at Vilamoura, Algarve, Portual.
Conference Dates: October 7-10, 2012
Submission Deadline: March 10, 2012

ICRA -- IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

ICRA is a multi-track premiere conference in the robotics community held annually. It is in the same league with IROS and is also a major international conference with large attendance. The ICRA 2011 conference held in Shanghai, China welcomed more than 1,500 people around the world. The acceptance rate for ICRA is about 45%.

ICRA also has yearly themes. The ICRA 2011 conference's theme was "Better Robots, Better Life". The ICRA 2012 conference theme will be "Robots and Automation: Innovation for Tomorrow's Needs". Again, if you are thinking about submitting something to ICRA, don't worry about the themes. Just submit what you have on whatever topic, as long as it is related to robots or automation.

I have submitted a paper to ICRA before, but very unfortunately, the paper fell into the hands of several electrical engineer reviewers because I picked the wrong key words. They seem to hold grudges against computer science researchers. The same paper was accepted at IROS without any major revision. It is likely that I'll be submitting to ICRA again in the future, but I will be super careful about what key words to use this time!!

The next ICRA conference ICRA 2012 will be held at St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
Conference Dates: May 14-18, 2012
Submission Deadline: September 16, 2011

AI Robot Related Conferences and Journals For My Research Part 4

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