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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing (The Tendon-Altering Sutra) Part 2

The Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing (The Tendon-Altering Sutra) Part 1


接上式,身体不动,两臂由两侧同时缓缓上举,举至正上方时与肩同宽,此时屈肘翻掌,手心向上,掌指相对,双臂成U字形状,并尽力上托,同时尽力提踵,并咬牙叩齿,舌抵上颚,咽津液下送丹田。 接看两脚跟外开,两臂缓缓下落至侧平举。 下落时由小指到拇指依次弯曲握拳,两脚跟随之下落,手足还原。 两臂由平举向上举时吸气,至托掌时略闭气或自然呼吸。 定式后约静停半分钟。

3rd Stance: Palm Lifting the Heavenly Gate

Continue from the last stance.  While keeping the body static, slowly raise arms from the side until they are at shoulder width. Now bend the elbows and turn your palms so your palms are facing upward and the tips of your hands are pointing at each other. The two arms should be in a U-shape. Push hands upward with strength and at the same time raise your heels off the ground. Grit your teeth and push the palate with your tongue. Swallow saliva down to the Dan-Tian (lower abdomen) region. Then turn your heels outward and slowly lower your arms to the side until they form a straight line with your shoulders. While lowering the arms, bend your fingers inward in order, pinky first and thumb last, and lower your heels back to the ground. Inhale while changing your arm position from flat on your sides to a lifting position. Once reaching the lifting position hold your breath shortly or breathe naturally. After the stance is completed, hold the position for half a minute.


接上式,左臂由上经左下侧划弧,落于背后,手心向下,并尽力下按。 右掌心翻向内下,臂上举,掌心向下﹔同时脖子向右扭转90度,头上仰,目视右掌。 转颈时右脚跟提起内转与左脚成丁字步。 身体重心在左脚(左图)。 定式后静停约半分钟,仿三五次深呼吸。 然后右手下落,左手上举,向左做摘星换斗(右图)。

4th Stance: Picking Off Stars and Change the Big Dipper

Continue from the last stance. Move left arm downward in a circular motion until it is behind your back with palm facing down and push palm down with strength. Turn the right palm downward and raises the right arm with palm facing down; at the same time turn your head 90 degrees to the right. Lift your head slightly to stare at your right palm. While turning your head, lift the right heel and rotate it so it makes up a T-step with your left foot. Keep your body weight on the left foot (see left figure). Hold the position for about half a minute and take 3-5 deep breaths. Then lower your right hand and raise your left hand to perform the stance on the other side (see right figure).

Again, here's a video of Mr. Bruce Wen demonstrating the two above-translated moves with English explanations. Note it is slightly different. I'll show a few other videos that match the translation better at the end of the series, but those videos won't have English dubbing or subtitles.

Watch out for the remaining stances translated in my future blog posts.

The Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing (The Tendon-Altering Sutra) Part 3


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No, I don't do Tendon-Altering Sutra, although I am thinking about doing it. I do this intense chest workout twice a day instead.