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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing (The Tendon-Altering Sutra) Part 5

The Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing (The Tendon-Altering Sutra) Part 4


接上式,左脚回收于右脚内侧,成立正姿势。 左臂屈肘收回于左腰间。 同时右肘微屈,吸气,上体向左扭腰转体,右手向体前探爪抓去,并吐气发出声,此时要求腰腹放松。 右手回收,向左46度方向做第二次探爪,再收回向左90度方向做第三次探爪。 然后,头带动躯干沿逆时针方向转动一小周,右手随之书一小圆(上图)。 两眼随右爪瞭望,如寻食状。 每次探爪均发出声。 探爪时右臂一伸一缩,身体随之转后。 然后右手收回腰间,左手以同样动作向右探爪(下图)。

9th Stance: Green Dragon Waving Its Claws

Continue from the last stance. Retract left foot back next to the right foot in an Attention position (like in military drills). Bend the left elbow and retract left arm next to the left side of the waist. Meanwhile, bend the right elbow slightly, inhale, turn the upper torso to the left, reach forward with the right hand in a dragon claw, exhale and make a “Shu” sound. Remember to relax the waist and abdomen for this stance. Retract the right hand back and then reach out the second time 46 degrees to the left with a dragon claw. Retract again and then reach out a third time 90 degrees to the left. Next, let the head lead the torso and make a small circular movement counterclockwise. Then make a circular movement with the right hand (see upper figure). Glance following the left claw hand as if hunting for preys. Make the “Shu” sound each time when reaching out with the claw hand. Extend and retract the right arm when executing the dragon claw. Turn your body afterwards. Then retract right hand back to the waist side and reach out with the left hand in dragon claw to the right (see lower figure).


接上式,左臂回收于腹前,右脚向右跨一步,同时向右转体90度,上体顺势前倾,两掌手心向右前方下扑,如卧虎捕食。 此时两掌落地,成右弓步,昂首环视(上图)。 然后以双手手指支撑全身重量,左腿屈膝成90度,左脚抬离地面,脚心朝上﹔两臂一伸一屈,身体上下起伏。 做三至五次。 而后两手离地,手心翻向上,体向左后转180度,两手掌再翻向下,再做卧虎捕食动作,唯方向相反(下图)。

10th Stance: Crouching Tiger Hunting for Prey

Continue from the last stance. Retract the left arm back to the stomach. Take a step to the right with the right foot and at the same time turn 90 degrees to the right. Lean the upper body forward following the natural flow of the movement and pounce forward with both palms facing down like how a crouching tiger pounces on its prey. Both palms should reach the ground while the legs are in a right front stance. Raise your head and look around (see upper figure). Next use fingers from both hands to support your entire body weight. Bend the left knee to 90 degrees and lift the left foot off the ground and turn the bottom of the foot upward. One arm should be in extended position while the other one is bent. Shift your body up and down for three to five times. Then raise both hands with palms facing upward and turn your body 180 degrees to the left. Turn the palms to face downward again and execute the crouching timer pouncing on prey move, only in opposite direction (see lower figure).

In the video below you can see our friendly Mr. Bruce Wen demonstrating these two stances and explain in English. Remember, Mr. Wen's version might be slightly different from the version I translated.

The Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing (The Tendon-Altering Sutra) Part 6

Picture of the Day: 

Although my 6-year old daughter Adeline has never learned the Tendon-Altering Sutra, although she is only a white belt, she certainly knows how to throw a beautiful kick!