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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing (The Tendon-Altering Sutra) Part 6

The Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing (The Tendon-Altering Sutra) Part 5


接上式,右脚落地,起身向右转90度,右脚向左脚收半步,距离与肩同宽,成下蹲势。 两手抬至头侧后方,掌心按压两耳,周身放松,中、食、无名指稍屈,轻轻叩击枕骨处,两手交替进行,各叩击七次,谓之鸣天豉 鸣豉后双手抱后脑,缓缓向前弯腰,头垂于裆间至最大程度,膝挺直,如打躬状。 鸣天豉时身体先向左转90度,再向右转180度,再向左转90度。 弯腰垂头时牙关咬紧,作细微自然呼吸。 重复做三遍。

11th Stance: Bowing Down and Beating the Heavenly Drum

Continue from the last stance. Put the right foot down to the ground and stand back up. Turn 90 degrees to the right to return to facing front. Move right foot half step toward the left foot so they are at shoulder width and then squat. Raise both hands above your head and then lower them behind the head until your palms cover your ears. Relax the whole body. Slightly bend the index fingers, the middle fingers, and the ring fingers and gently tap the occipital bone with alternating hands. Tap seven times with each hand. This is called “Beating the Heavenly Drum.” After beating the drum hold the back of the head with both hands and slowly bent forward until your head cannot go any lower between your crotches. Keep the knees straight as if you are bowing down. When beating the heavenly drum, turn your body 90 degrees to the left first, next turn 180 degrees to the right and then turn 90 degrees to the left. Clench your teeth while bending forward and take small breathes naturally. Repeat three times.


两腿开立,双手仰掌由胸前徐徐上举至头顶,目视掌而移,身立正直,勿挺胸凸腹;十指交叉,旋腕反掌上托,掌以向上,仰身,腰向后弯,目上视;然后上体前 屈,双臂下垂,推掌至地,昂首瞪目。呼气时,屈体下弯,脚跟稍微离地;吸气时,上身立起,脚跟着地;如此反复21次。收功:直立,两臂左右侧举,屈伸7 次。

12th Stance: Swinging the Tail

Stand with legs spread open. Slowly raise your hands past your chest and above your head, palms facing upward. Fix your stare on your palms as they move. Keep your body upright and don’t pull back shoulders or hold out your bosom. With ten fingers crossed, rotate your wrists and then lift upward with palms facing up. Extend the upper body and bend your waist backward while looking up. Then bend your body forward with both arms stretching out on the side and touch the ground. Lift your head and open your eyes wide. When exhaling, bend forward and at the same time lift the back heels off the ground slightly. When inhaling, return upper body back to standing position and land the back heels back to the ground. Repeat 21 times. To finish the exercise, stand in upright position and raise your arms from the side. Bend and extend the arms 7 times.

Again, please see how our friendly Mr. Bruce Wen demonstrate these two stances and explain things in English. Remember, Mr. Wen's version might be slightly different from the version I translated.

This concludes the entire Twelve Stances of the Yi-Jin-Jing. The following video shows a different flavor of the Twelve Stances of Yi-Jin-Jing demonstrated by a Shaolin monk in one smooth continuous form.

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